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A Guide to Biblical Decision-Making

November 9, 2017

As business owners and corporate leaders, we face continual decision-making dilemmas. We often consider the momentous decisions to be our purview and while that’s true, it is likely the mundane, seemingly inconsequential decisions that will most define our leadership. Our everyday decisions are more readily visible to our employees who are observing our leadership up close. In reality, all decisions have consequences, and the foundation for making difficult decisions is our handling of minor, non-urgent issues.

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A Strategic Guide for Business Planning

September 25, 2017

The economic roller coaster can sometimes serve to make poorly-run businesses look strong for a season while capsizing others who are unprepared to weather a cash flow crunch. When the overall economic water level recedes, exposing dangerous rocks in a tough market, only those who have adequately planned for navigating rough waters will stay on course to achieve long-term success.

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C12 Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund

September 1, 2017

As Hurricane Harvey deluges the people of Texas, members and friends of the C12 community want to help. To that end, C12 has partnered with WaterStone, a Christian public foundation and 501(c) 3, to create the C12 Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund.

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Time to Assess, Part Three: Ministry

August 9, 2017

Our businesses, and the process of doing business, is our ministry. It is the vehicle that God has given us to apply the good news of Jesus Christ in the unique places, and with the unique people, that it touches.

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Time to Assess, Part Two: Mission Statement

July 21, 2017

Mission. Vision. Values. Chances are if you are a leading a business, these words are not new, yet many of us see these as must have concepts to publish on our websites rather than shared core principles that direct our businesses.

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Time to Assess, Part One: Five Point Alignment Matrix

July 19, 2017

Only 1/10 of 1% of all companies ever reach the $250 million revenue mark. Those that do tend to routinely employ various methods to check their progress and gain fresh perspective regarding opportunities. The objective is to uncover areas of need or opportunity and stay ahead of the curve. So much of our accounting and operational dashboards are historical in nature which can incline us to lead our businesses like someone who steers a car by looking in the rearview mirror!

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Shane & Shane Set to Lead Current '17 Worship

July 10, 2017

Multi-Dove award winning band Shane & Shane is set to appear at C12 Current '17 this September 28-30. Current '17 brings together the largest collection of Christian business owners and CEOs to gain insight into their business and their faith. It is open to current C12 members and non-members. 

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4 Characteristics of Team Engagement

June 26, 2017

Every company has issues. Good companies intentionally uncover those issues and work as a team to make the necessary corrections. Unfortunately, for a lot of us, we don’t ask for help. We justify our decisions, wanting to save time and energy, or maybe we just don’t trust anyone else to make the right decisions. We make a number of excuses, including: 

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The Problem with Marriage

June 16, 2017

In Genesis 1-3 we find that in the perfect era of Creation, God introduced two institutions for people that were good - work and marriage.  With the introduction of sin, both of those were compromised, with work becoming toilsome and marriage conflicted. We have an opportunity through business to not only demonstrate the Good News of Jesus in how people experience work, but to foster cultures that redeem, restore, and build up God-honoring marriages as well. Consider these brutal facts:

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