The C12 Group Joins Suit Against ObamaCare

February 25, 2013

The C12 Group - America's leading provider of Executive Roundtables for Christian CEOs 'Building GREAT Businesses for a GREATER Purpose', joined in an amicus brief filed by the Christian Legal Society, in support of the Hobby Lobby lawsuit in federal court.

The suit requests an injunction against the U.S. Health and Human Services' (HHS) contraceptive mandate, that all medical insurance plans provide zero-cost abortifacients e.g.,"the morning-after pill." C12 is one of eight national organizations cited in the brief; the only one from the 'for-profit' sector of the economy.

The C12 Group is not a political advocacy group but it represents several hundred Christian business owners from coast to coast, who strongly object to the HHS (ObamaCare) Mandate as a violation of their religious principles and conscience. There is a small minority of C12 member CEOs that harbor no objections. However, for the vast majority of C12's roughly 1200 members across America, followers of Christ must object when the government's arbitrary mandates violate God's clear Scriptural mandates.

C12's national president Don Barefoot says, "Bible-believing Christian business owners and CEOs see their roles as servant leaders at work as an extension of their faith, personal worship, and stewardship. Several of our members have expressed outrage at the thought that our federal government is attempting to force their company medical plans to offer abortifacients. Those with 50 employees or more also know that they'll be penalized $2,000 per employee beginning in 2014 by pending ObamaCare legislation when they refuse - as a matter of conscience - to offer such medical coverage.

This is the equivalent of roughly a 10% additional tax on the profits of a typical healthy small business of this size. Our members are among literally tens of thousands of Bible-believing Judeo-Christian chief executives whose religious liberties would be trampled by the radical proposals coming out of Washington DC."

He goes on to say, "Unless the HHS mandate is rescinded, even in its amended form, many Christian entrepreneurs will be forced to drop company-sponsored medical coverage due to their deeply-held beliefs. This is bad for millions of employees, bad for America – since trustworthy servant leaders tend to be highly effective CEOs – and an affront to people of Biblical faith everywhere."

In addition to the Hobby Lobby brief, The C12 Group is participating in two new amicus briefs opposed to the HHS Mandate, as they relate to for-profit companies led by Christians who object to the mandate. One is in the Seventh Circuit in Grote v. Sebelius and the other in the Tenth Circuit in Newland v. Sebelius.

This case is being brought forward with counsel from the Becket Fund