Five Myths about Calling and the Marketplace

January 26, 2017

2017-01-19.jpgHave you ever answered the questions, “Who am I, why am I here, what is my purpose, and where am I going?” If so, you probably have a good idea of your calling and whether or not you are being obedient.

In Romans 8:28, Paul tells us Christians have been called according to His purpose. While the passage is familiar to many, the idea of calling is also frequently misunderstood. Here are five myths about your calling and how it relates to your role in the marketplace.

Myth 1: Calling is for professional ministry only
In our society, calling is often thought of as something only happens when a Christian “surrenders” to a “call” to professional ministry, such as pastor or missionary. Perhaps no other misunderstanding of God’s Truth handicaps the work of Christ and holds back the Kingdom of God on the earth more. God calls every believer to full-time ministry in the world as an integral instrumental part of the Body of Christ.

Myth 2: I fulfill my calling outside of work
Not only is every believer called to full-time ministry, every believer is called to live out the gospel in every aspect of their life, including at work. Understanding the full implications of the Gospel should change everything about how you lead, steward, plan and execute in the business God has entrusted you with for “such a time as this.”

Myth 3: I fulfilled my calling when I became a Christian
Some of us believe we have fulfilled our call by becoming a Christian. The truth is, salvation is merely the first step in God revealing his call and purpose for our lives. It’s up to us to remain obedient to his call in all facets of life.

Myth 4: Fulfilling my calling means I’ll always be successful
While following His call won’t always result in being poor, it doesn’t mean we will always be wildly successful either. The Deceiver distracts us from our call in many ways, often using money, either the hope of getting it or the fear of losing it. The things that provide us with sense of comfort in this life often substitute for God’s higher gifts and calling. Don’t compromise your calling in exchange for “good opportunities.”

Myth 5: My calling is difficult to figure out
God desperately wants us to know His will and to fulfill His calling! He does not play games with us or try to confuse us. When confusion comes, it’s not from God. We must diligently listen to hear from Him. You are called to be a leader and to influence those around you.

The Church doesn’t need more people leaving the marketplace to pursue their calling in ministry. The Church needs more people fulfilling their call in the marketplace, ministering to those they have been entrusted.

In Peer Advisory Groups, C12 Members hold each other accountable to their calling as leaders of businesses. Members experience improvement in their business through solid insight and input from peers, but also gain best practices and encouragement for growing their marketplace ministry. Are you ready to build a great business for a greater purpose?