Raising the Bar on Employee Care & Encouragement

October 1, 2015

At some point, every employee faces a personal problem that interferes with their work life. When challenges arise, business leaders can be proactive to help their people recover through corporate chaplaincy. CEOs and business owners must realize that they only know a small portion of their staff’s struggles. Employees won’t readily run to you for help, but if a relationship already exists with a company-sponsored chaplain, they may willingly turn to them for support.

Jason Brown, VP of Marketing for Marketplace Chaplains put it this way: “Companies that invest in a Chaplain Care team are providing a personalized and proactive employee care service to their staff. Everyone is going through something. Whether it's loss of a loved one, financial stress, a divorce, workplace conflict, or strife with a family member, people need a pressure release valve. Marketplace Chaplains provides that weekly, confidential release.”

Overcoming Challenges Through Chaplaincy

According to a Forbes study, more than 70% of employees don’t feel appreciated or valued by their employer and more than 40% don’t respect their direct report. Beyond the paycheck, employees tend to stay with a company when they have a healthy, trusting relationship with their supervisor and feel valued. With an in-house chaplain, you can provide care for employees during life’s challenges, while reducing workplace absenteeism, turnover, fraud, and theft. Furthermore, chaplain service has proven to be an appealing benefit for job candidates.

A Proven Model

When a company engages Marketplace Chaplains, they provide weekly visits to the worksite. The chaplains speak briefly and confidentially with each employee, providing support and encouragement. Beyond workplace visits, chaplains are available for visits at home, prisons, hospitals, nursing homes, and funerals. They build a relationship of trust and confidence, allowing each employee to share their struggles in a safe and neutral environment.

Brown explained, “There is tremendous value for companies that are proactively helping their employees with personal problems. Considering the average person spends up to 70% of their day at work, we take our problems with us on the job. Chaplains are able to give people another resource, a connection, hope, help, care, and love. There is no telling how many workplace violence incidents, suicides, lawsuits, divorces, and bankruptcies we have helped prevent. So many people feel isolated and alone. With a chaplain available to listen and be in their corner, we can help reconnect them with family, a local church, or other resources.”

Chaplains come from diverse backgrounds, religions, and cultures, and many are bilingual. Marketplace Chaplains employs 2,400 chaplains, visits 3,300 locations each week, and serves over 700 companies throughout the US, Canada, Mexico, England and China. Chaplains go through extensive training and most have over 20 years of pastoral caregiving experience. These men and women are called to ministry and understand the pressures of an office environment. Chaplains are available 24 hours a day and employees can even contact their care team via a newly developed app.

Encouraging Faith in the Workplace

This movement of company-sponsored chaplains demonstrates a growing openness of spirituality in the workplace and an increasing desire among employees to express their faith at work. Brown said, “There is a faith-based element of what we do. We help put an emphasis on work-life balance and the wellness of the individual. That wellness includes soul care. We embrace the opportunity to share the Gospel with employees and hope that it brings them closer to having Christ in their life.”

The C12 Group has recently become a strategic partner with Marketplace Chaplains.  

“C12 Group member companies are led by Christian leaders who see their company not as their own, but ultimately as God’s. They use their companies as a platform for ministry and are shepherds of their people, taking some responsibility for their eternal destiny. C12 members run their companies on Kingdom principles and exemplify Christ by providing every resource available to support, encourage, and motivate their teams.  Marketplace Chaplains is another example of how they continue to nourish that healthy, positive workplace culture,” said Brown.

Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others. Philippians 2:4

Providing Care in Your Workplace

Chaplaincy is just one way to care for your employees and improve your company culture. If you are interested in learning about other strategies for providing a healthy workplace with loyal employees, The C12 Group can help. Our members are constantly finding new and creative ways to bless their teams, leading to higher productivity and better working relationships. Get connected today.