A Higher Purpose: Running Your Business for God's Glory

August 3, 2015

Do you consider your leadership role a calling from God?

At C12, we believe we are stewards of the businesses God has entrusted us to run for Him. We are blessed with a unique opportunity to minister to others. Even when we are consumed by the daily tasks of running our business, we are constantly privileged to share the glory of God with many: customers, employees and their families, vendors, the community, and beyond. The process of doing business, by definition, brings us into contact with many people. We recognize our need to be intentional and prepared to respond to His call.

Business itself glorifies God when it is conducted in a way that imitates His character. All aspects of business – from ownership to competition – can honor Him if done in a way that reflects His nature. We can lead and grow our business while impacting the lives of those we reach each day, by integrating Christian values into these key areas:

  1. How we deal with money

  2. How we treat people

  3. The quality of our product or service

C12-019Are you looking for ideas on how to better integrate your faith into your business? To get you started, C12 Members offer their list of how they honor God with, in, and through their businesses:

  • Create local and international ministries

  • Provide on-site chaplaincy services for employees

  • Offer off-site outreach programs

  • Offer opportunities for employees to submit prayer requests

  • Share a personal testimony and pray at company events

  • Communicate clear God-honoring mission, vision, and core principles

  • Encourage team members to live one, integrated life – Sunday through Monday

  • Keep a Bible in the office or lobby

  • Display Scripture verses in artful ways on letterhead, company marquees, and lobby entrances

  • Host regular Bible studies

  • Establish a ministry budget to financially support local ministries/charities or even a team member in need


Put Your Trust In God

For Christians entrusted with God's businesses, there are countless opportunities to share Christ's love in the workplace. If you are exploring ways to integrate your faith into your business, pray for guidance and provision. If you’d like to learn more about how to build a great business, for a greater purpose, contact C12 today.