Sharing the Gospel in Your Daily Life

October 9, 2015

The Great Commission is simple: “Go into the world and spread the Gospel, making disciples.” While it’s easy to understand, it’s a bit harder for many Christians to fulfill. If you feel nervous or unsure about sharing your faith with others, The Pocket Testament League can provide a great opportunity to let others know the Good News. Since 1893, this organization has provided resources to help believers develop a lifestyle of Biblical discipline and personal evangelism.

Laure Hoffman, VP of Kingdom Investment for The Pocket Testament League, shared the League’s rich history.

“More than 120 years ago, in Birmingham, England, a young girl named Helen Cadbury discovered the power of Scripture. She carried the family Bible to school, sharing her faith with classmates. Since the Bible was heavy, Helen soon asked her father, President of Cadbury Chocolate Company, to print scripture on his printing press. Equipped with lighter and smaller scripture passages, Helen organized a group of girls to sew pockets into their dresses allowing them to easily carry the Word of God with them. They were united with the simple pledge: read a portion of scripture daily, carry it at all times, and share their faith with others.”

Read. Carry. Share.

Helen’s legacy lives on today as The Pocket Testament League equips millions of Christians around the world to share the most important book ever written. Members order pocket-sized Gospels of John and pray for opportunities to share them with others. Built on a unique sponsorship program, the ministry allows anyone to order Gospels at no cost. Sponsors receive feedback from their investments, allowing them to also experience the joy of lives being transformed through Christ. Thousands of inspiring stories of sharing God’s word and subsequent salvations pour in every year through the League’s website. With nearly 600,000 members around the globe, the fruit of personal Gospel-sharing is nothing short of miraculous.

Blessing the Giver and Receiver

Hoffman explained, “Our pocket-sized Gospels of John, among other resources such as webinars, online Bible study groups, and an evangelism boot camp, are offered in 13 languages. The League provides marketplace leaders with a tool to share the gospel and fulfill their ministry passions. Many of our members order pocket-sized Gospels to give away as special gifts in one-on-one encounters. Others give away Pocket Testaments through their ministry involvement. One-by-one, miracles happen and lives are changed around the world through the sharing of His Word.”

Making it Personal

As a Christian business owner or CEO, you will encounter thousands of people during your career — from employees and their families to customers and vendors. With such a large sphere of influence, business leaders have incredible opportunities to share the love of Christ. Have you ever considered how you could personally empower others through God’s Word? Through the Pocket Testament League, you can equip thousands of people around the world with pocket-sized Gospels in their own language.

Many of your peers and fellow C12 Group Members have incorporated sharing the gospel into their daily business model. One C12 member includes a Pocket Testament in every single shipment of customer orders. Another sends a Gospel as a gift included in Christmas cards. The Spirit-led opportunities to share the good news are endless.  

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