Time to Assess, Part Three: Ministry

August 9, 2017

Our businesses, and the process of doing business, is our ministry. It is the vehicle that God has given us to apply the good news of Jesus Christ in the unique places, and with the unique people, that it touches.

Serving God in our businesses by providing for others and promoting his kingdom and the gospel of Jesus Christ through them, means we utilize every effort and activity primarily toward that end.

If profit is our primary motivation and we detect a drain or hindrance, we act quickly to correct the situation. If we find a policy hinders profitability, we eliminate it as quickly as possible. If people aren’t contributing, we take action through training, transfer or termination. We strive to see how we are performing in all areas as they relate to the goal and make necessary adjustments to ensure the health of the enterprise.

We essentially employ the same approach if our primary motivation is to promote the Kingdom of God. We will look at people, policies, and practices and evaluate how they conform to our principal purpose. We will then make adjustments to refine our efforts.

If our company really is God’s company and he has a plan for it and for us as his stewards, every part of it should be subject to His standards and promote his purposes! It becomes vitally important to consider how each part contributes to the whole. The way we work, buy and sell, hire and fire, spend and save, pay and collect, and the processes and people we promote all tell a story regarding our primary values. Each part reflects this reality in its own way, and together all the parts work together to present the composite picture or culture.

In our next post, we will dive deeper into the second point of the Five Point Alignment Matrix as outlined in part one of this blog series, which is Operations Management. First, let’s take the time to assess how effectively we are using our businesses as a platform for ministry. Miss part two? Click here to catch up.

Business as Ministry Assessment