Leading A Business That Glorifies God

September 16, 2014


Engaged Employees at the Karis Group on Volunteer Day
Making Health Care Work for Everyone through Godly Counsel, Prayer, & Fellowship of Like-minded Peers

Bringing faith and spirituality into the workplace comes naturally for Mike Martin, CEO of the Karis Group, an Austin-based firm that provides patient advocacy and medical bill mediation services.

“As you enter our Austin office, directly hanging on the lobby wall is an inspiring painting of Jesus healing the sick. We are very intentional about glorifying God in everything we do and how we interact with our clients, employees, and vendors. This is just who we are,” explains Mike who is also a member of The C12 Group, America’s leading peer advisory roundtable for Christian CEOs and business owners.

The Karis Group was founded by Dr. Tony Dale, who through his own personal experience of the inconsistencies and staggering costs within the medical system was determined to help people find better access to quality and affordable care, To address that need, The Karis Group was created over fifteen years ago. “We are patient advocates. We help people navigate the maze of the health care system. We come alongside our clients to help them win,” said Mike.

Far beyond executive coaching, The C12 Group gives Mike one day each month to be refreshed, strategic, and encouraged by other area business leaders. “Since joining C12 over two years ago, I am so excited about the many positive happenings within the company. We recently conducted a strategic planning retreat facilitated by Robert Vogel, our C12 Group Area Chair. Management and key players came together for a time to focus on our long-term vision and goals through 2015 and develop a tactical plan to make it happen. We now have direction, marching orders and tangible ideas. The best part, these plans will be executed through a Biblical world-view. Being in business is certainly about profits, efficiency and providing excellent service. However, we are operating this business from a faith perspective. We are leading a business that honors and glorifies God, “ explains Mike.

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Are You Building a Successful Marketplace Ministry?

April 18, 2014

When it comes to building and growing a successful company, CEO’s and business owners can easily list the key ingredients: a well conceived strategy and plan, key metrics, on-going customer service; innovation regarding products, services and delivery methods.

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The C12 Group Joins Suit Against ObamaCare

February 25, 2013

The C12 Group - America's leading provider of Executive Roundtables for Christian CEOs 'Building GREAT Businesses for a GREATER Purpose', joined in an amicus brief filed by the Christian Legal Society, in support of the Hobby Lobby lawsuit in federal court.

The suit requests an injunction against the U.S. Health and Human Services' (HHS) contraceptive mandate, that all medical insurance plans provide zero-cost abortifacients e.g.,"the morning-after pill." C12 is one of eight national organizations cited in the brief; the only one from the 'for-profit' sector of the economy.

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