Tragedy to Triumph: A Story of Transformation

January 3, 2017

There are numerous ways to respond to tragedy. Some allow their sadness or confusion to turn to hopelessness. Others respond by recognizing their need for transformation and put their hope in Jesus Christ. After unexpectedly losing a faithful and beloved employee, the team at Capstone Landscape Management in Greenville, SC, chose the latter.

Transformed Through a Storm
Watch how God used a motorcycle accident one October morning to spark new life.


A Provision of Hope

In this world we will face tests of many kind. But the greatest reward comes when we demonstrate resilience and invite Jesus to move in our lives. As Derek Gracely, owner of Capstone Landscape Management, stated in the video, even death has no sting, because through the death of one man, so many can be impacted for the Lord.

Thanks to Derek’s leadership and the chaplaincy of David Walker at Capstone, team members in the company were supported spiritually as they processed the loss together. Ultimately, victory was achieved when 16 people gave their lives to Christ and took the next step of baptism.

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